Another Unlikely Hero

by FuturNari

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    Remember that time we took a hike through the outskirts of The Mushroom Kingdom and we got lost with only a gameboy to guide us? You kept complaining about my sense of direction and I kept insisting we were on the right path. Do you recall stumbling onto that meadow full of delicious fungi and eating entirely too much? You always were a glutton. How about that bouquet of flowers I picked for you that enabled you to throw fireballs at will? That was neat. I think my favorite part was how we saved the entire population of Mushroom Kingdom from the clutches of that weird turtle/dragon guy. Good times.

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released August 5, 2010

Thanks to Hannes Pasqualini, The guys at Beep City, Johan Kotlinski, Alex Mauer and Zach Doney (Contact




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